About Us

ASEDEVA (Art for Social and Economic Development in Africa) is an Art non profit organization working in Tanzania with the aim to organize various Cultural and Art Projects, Events and Trainings for Artists and Create Performances benefitting local artist and groups, and the Tanzanian performing arts community as a whole.

ASEDEVA aims to build the capacity of the community to be able to engage in solving their own social issues through the creative industry. We believe in the power of the creative arts to be a force of positive change. ASEDEVA is legally registered under BRELA (Business Registrations and Licensing Agency) and BASATA (National Arts Council) in Tanzania


To see a society with empowered youth who are able to realize their fully artistic, creativity and cultural potential


To become the leading Organization in Inspiring and Educating local artists, youth and women to flourish in artistic, creativity and cultural roles.
a) To promote development of fine performing arts in Tanzania.
b) To foster mutually beneficial alliances and network between Tanzanian, African and International performing artists.
c) Topromote andencourage Tanzanian and international artists to explore creativity through mutual inspiration and collaboration
d) To provide learning opportunities and generate a discourse around contemporary visual and performing Arts.
e) To encourage, lobby and advocate cross cultural discourse and exchange on contemporary visual and performing Arts.
f) To promote the proliferation and appreciation of contemporary visual and performing Arts in Tanzania
g) To advocate and inspire youth Development through organizing different projects aiming at uplifting youth development. 


The ASEDEVA’s core values are Transparency, Accountability, Inclusiveness, Excellence, Trust, Relevance, Collaboration, Education, and Competitiveness in all our project we implement.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We believe in personal responsibility as the foundation of success.

EXCELLENCE. We believe in quality results delivered by investing in people.

RESPECT. We believe in trust, empathy and empowering people, women in particular.

TEAMWORK. We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of global collaboration. 

TRANSPARENCY. We believe in open communication and clear decision-making

Meet the Team

Asedeva Board of directors

Acley Mwalusamba

Board Chair & Co-founder
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Naïlate Msaidi

Board Member
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Habiba Issa

Board vice chair
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Shabani Rashid Shabani

Board Member & Co-founder
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Manyama Peter Nyambasi

Board vice Treasurer
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Board Member
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Michael Mark Kimaro

Board Member
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Asedeva Management

Isack Abeneko

Director, Co-founder, Performer
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Charles Francis (C9)

Music Producer and Audio Engineer
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Petronila Mkufya

Program Manager
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Dedi Mwita

Training &Workshop Department
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George Benson

Finance Manager and accountant
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Jafari Mtumbuka

Event Manager
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Ally Chacha

Logistics Manager
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Halima Masoud abdallah.

Manages The Haba Na Haba Dance Extra
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