ASEDEVA (Art for Social and Economic Development in Africa) is an Art non profit organization working in Tanzania with the aim to organize various Cultural and Art Projects, Events and Trainings for Artists and Create Performances benefitting local artist and groups, and the Tanzanian performing arts community as a whole.

What we Do

Creating and providing cultural exchanging projects in collaboration with different companies and cultural organization. ASEDEVA is Producing dance, music and theatre performance for different event and festival.Making Outreach schools arts and Cultural program, Educational resources and training tools for projects that seek positive change

The Studio

ASEDEVA is training, rehearsal and recoding studio center of 18 artists from back ground of performing arts, audio and visual. They operate community studios, it the space where young producers lean how to records, mix and mastering, the studio we dancers as to train and learn various techniques, it also a vibrant music venue for live music performance in the evening as well dance performance at ASEDEVA Tanzania at monthly base curation program. ASEDEVA is Place to come to experience cultural exchanging, training, networking, learning, and creating.



'Serengeti shall not die!' Bernhard Grzimek's message continues to shape West Germany's image of Africa to this day. In Ultimate Safari, Flinn Works (Berlin) and Asedeva (Dar es Salaam) take a 360° look at wildlife conservation and tourism in Tanzania.


Maji Maji Flava is a collaboration between Flinn Works (Kassel/Berlin) and Asedeva (Dar es Salaam) which takes the MAJI MAJI WAR (1905 – 1907) of Tanzanian resistance against German colonial rule as its point of departure.


VINYAGO combines exhibition, dance, music and video art to create a room-filling installation. At the center are East African masks from the Ethnologisches Museum – objects that were originally used in a spiritual, performative context and are now kept and exhibited in a clinically clean museum environment.

Arts for Social and Economic Development in Africa


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