JOETT, voice coach to afro-pop superstar Vanessa Mdee her entire career; Ben Pol, Mayunga, Mimi Mars
and Nandy to name but a few, is an occasional jazz performer in the 00s and a renowned 90s dance act
from Tanzania, who’s critically acclaimed 2010 comeback pop single I Could Never Live (Without Your
Love) reignited his pop recording career and gained him membership to the American Society Of
Composers, Authors And Publishers (ASCAP). His follow-up 2012 disco single “Color Me Beautiful” was
selected via Song Submit to be considered directly by #1 Hit Songwriter and A&R scout Mick Walsh, who
has worked with Simon Cowell, Paul McCartney, Boy George, Florence And The Machine, and Dizzee
Rascal; and introduced him as a promising international songwriter for the US market, to come out of
Africa. Major label hit production teams are interested in Joett’s work… like Universal, Sony BMG,
Capitol, Columbia and Jive Records.
Joett, whose works are registered with ASCAP, works exclusively with record producers in the UK and
the USA to create his music. By introduction through Music Clout, he signed an exclusive publishing deal
with AudioSparx USA… one of the world’s top publishing brands that license The Music That Powers

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