Acley Mwalusamba he is a light Technician based on theater light, festival, film, stage and  setup, both out door and in door. Originality is from Tanzania and his experience for the wide range in the industrial of art is 17 years ago, both abroad and Africa. He has high capacity of his   knowldgement which  awarded from difference country, inside and outside,  shortly he is light designer already worked with various companies around the world, also he is a facilitator and facilitating the difference training workshop here in Tanzania and east Africa, for the development of youth skellies in order to improve the light capacity in the college especially for the theater and stage technology. Here was Joint working with deference organization here in Tanzania, Asedeva, Tasuba, Sauti za busara festival, University of DSM, Makumbusho ya Taifa, Nafasi art space Goethe institute, Alliance Francie, Russian Cultural and Acto light.

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